Check back often, as we'll do our best to continually update this page with the most common questions we get asked.


How long do I get to keep the programs that I purchase?

Per the settings on TrainHeroic, programs you've purchased are available on your account for up to a year. Even if you complete/delete the program, it'll stay on your list of available programs for the remainder of the yearly cycle.

Why do you use TrainHeroic instead of printable PDF's?

In an effort to actually monitor our athletes and give you a more comprehensive training platform, we decided on the technological route as opposed to the traditional pen-and-paper approach. With TH, we can literally track the training progress of every single one of our subscribers. Our goal is to publish a general training report every month to give followers an idea of how everyone as a whole is doing.

Oh yeah, and also leaderboards!

So can I get a PDF copy of any of the programs?

Currently this feature is only available to military members. We'd like to limit our PDF's to those who are scheduled to be deployed within the next few months and won't have access to internet (TrainHeroic requires a connection). If that's you, get in touch with us here using a valid military/government email address.

What if I don't have internet access?

If you open TrainHeroic on your computer, there's an option to print off 1-4 days' worth of training. When you're back with internet access, enter all the numbers you missed.

Can I see program samples?

When you click "Select" for any of the program logos, you'll be taken to the TrainHeroic marketplace. From there, click "Sample" for a look at a given week of that program.

How many programs can I stack at a time?

Technically speaking, you can stack as many as you want. That being said, we advise only combining supplementary programs with primary programs as opposed to combining two primary programs. Always be cautious of training volume.

What do I do if I don't have an assault bike/rower/ski erg/etc.?

If you're missing equipment prescribed in the workouts, substitute for something similar. Some examples include:

Assault bike / Rower (or sprints as a last choice)

Dumbbell / Kettlebells

Rope climb / 5x Pull Ups

If you have specific questions about training substitutes to the point where it's limiting you're ability to actually complete a session, shoot us an email.