What is TrainHeroic?

In order to better monitor our athletes and streamline your training process, Guardian Athlete uses a unique app-based platform, TrainHeroic. The app allows each athlete to not only follow their sessions and log their stats via their phone, but also allows athletes from around the world following the same program to compete against each other and share comments through leaderboards and message feeds. 

For specific TrainHeroic questions, click here to be taken to the support site.


How Do I Get Started?

I've never used TrainHeroic before:

1. Use the "Programs" tab to browse the available Guardian Athlete training plans. Select your desired plan by click the plan's logo.

2. From the TrainHeroic marketplace, click "Sign Up" on the right side of the page. Make sure to sign up as an Athlete.


3. The page will ask you to create an account. Enter your full name, create a User Name, enter your email, and create a Password. Make sure to remember your username and password, as these will be used once you download the app.

4. Once you've created an account, download the TrainHeroic app on your phone. It's free.

5. Open the app, enter your username and password, and assign a start date to the program you purchased. 

6. Start training!

Still confused? Click here. 

I've used TrainHeroic before and already have the app on my phone:

  1. Select the program you want to purchase from the Guardian Athlete page and click "Purchase" on the TrainHeroic marketplace. 
  2. The program is now assigned to your account, but has no start date.
  3. Open the app on your phone, go to "My Programming," and add a start date to the new program.
  4. Start training!